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Ace 5on5 Uniform Updates +News/Notes

Updated Sep 4

UNIFORMS: Will be ready for distribution by Oct 1, 2023

SIZES: The new supplier sizes run slightly small or "true to size" We do have a variety of sizes on hand in case your uniform isn't comfortable.

DISTRIBUTION: Each assignor will have uniforms on hand for personal delivery as needed @ CIF meetings, games, etc.. We prefer personal delivery in case your shirt does not fit, you can choose a better size on the spot.

ON to better new:

Afternoon Leagues

VB | BB | FB

Start Early - Mid September

- VOLLEYBALL: A $50 game fee was approved effective immediately.

- FOOTBALL: A $5 increase was approved for ELEM games.

Thank you for being patient, and I hope everyone has decompressed from a long summer season. The uniform saga has been frustrating and hopefully we start the fall off with a smile. Thank you for all you do!

-Ace Thomas-

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