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Softball Uniform Update

ETA: June 2023, new uniforms are expected to be delivered. All Umpires are required to wear the new uniform upon delivery.

COST: $34 - We will distribute each jersey and invoice all umpires. If you have any pending forfeits, we will simply credit your forfeit towards a jersey.


- 4-way stretch, Dri-Fit.

- The black Smitty Loop (attached) is geared for 3 of the 4 sports that use whistles. We recommend umpires not detaching that Smitty Loop, as it may tear the seam in the stitching.

- "Game Fee" zippered pocket? is a cool feature that is meant for game fees or spare whistles (in most sports).

LMK if anyone has questions or concerns..


Pre-Order Sizes

2x | Dale Mousette

XL | Elga Garcia

M | Jason Steele

XL | Jose Navarro

XL | Jr. Cortez

3X | Mario Alcarez

4x | Nick Tenold

2X | Sharone Simpson


Irrelevant Info:

200+ Officials on our roster

55+ Officials work 3-sports we assign.

42+ Officials work 2-sports we assign

10+ Official work all 4-sports we assign

The new jerseys will help a lot of our multi-sports officials. Just sayin.

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