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LBC Adult BB

Sportsmanship & Conduct

Collectively we are doing a great job curtailing these issues. Allow me to share the players concerns:


Respect Towards Players

Players feel the officials are not yielding respect in situations where calls are questioned or requesting clarification: We will not tolerate disrespect from players, however lets ensure respect is rendered in peaceful interactions.

Cell Phone Usage

Barring emergencies, please use cell phones only during half-time or in-between games

This allows us to be available for communication w/scorekeepers or team managers during Time-Outs.

Referee Positioning

We are compensated handsomely.

TRAIL: Please be @ half-court on shot attempts. | ᴮIf some plays don't allow us to be @half-court, lets not allow this to happen on consecutive plays.

Please place your name

in the comment section below to confirm this update. Thank You,


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