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2023 Basketball Assigning Update

As of 10/18/22

After loading all 2023 Winter BB league schedules into Arbiter, I hope you all trust that we have solicited the availability from every single official on our roster & beyond to beg, borrow, and poach refs to work our afternoon leagues.


Oct/Nov/Dec 2022

We are in good shape. Expect to cover 90% of all games.

Jan 1 - Mar 1

- 450+ BB Afternoon Games scheduled.

- 310+ Games played Jan 17 - Feb 10

- 70% of the games are scheduled in this span of time.

- We will close the gap a bit after CIF referee schedules are fully released soon, however 1/17 thru 2/10 we just honestly don't see the numbers adding up to cover all of the afternoon games.

After Feb 10

- Or the first few early rounds of CIF playoffs, we project officials will open up availability again.


- We will discuss w/each league which games are important to arrange assignments.


Why are there not enough officials for afternoon games?

A. An adequate number of officials have not returned to the industry.

B. CIF basically has the same referee shortage dilemma.

C. It's basically a bidding war of availability. CIF Assignors can somewhat track (via Arbiter) that officials are working for neighboring Assignors. CIF has leverage to offer double headers as well as how far officials advance in their playoff assignments, and officials are timid to jeopardize their career aspirations of working CIF & State playoffs as well as their regular season quality of assignments.

We did win round 1 of the bidding war by assigning officials before CIF schedules were published thanks to each league's cooperation of early schedules, and we will approach round two aggressively as soon as the officials receive their schedules.

Thank you, and we will update each league soon.

-Ace 5on5 Sports-

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