Referee Pre-Tournament FAQ's

Arrival: When and where to meet


7:45a ⥃⥂ Meet @ the “Center Court” bleachers for referee orientation/training.

7:46a ⥃⥂ Is considered late, and you will not be paid for training.


Officials with later starts (after 10a) will meet @ Referee Central (time TBA). 

Dress Code: What to wear


  • One Sponsor t-shirt is provided. Exact sizes vary, but we try.

  • Sneakers: Yes

  • No Sandals/Open Toe Footwear

  • Ok to wear a ball cap or hat to keep cool.

  • Ok to wear straw hats. 

  • NIKE Please only wear Nike logos on headgear.

What to Bring


  • (If Desired) Beach Chair • Cooler • Suntan


    • Courts are staffed w/scorekeepers

    • Guests are not allowed at the table.


    • Your volunteer guest/son/daughter are welcome to keep score. 

Orientation: Are refs paid for training?


Yes. Officials who arrive before 7:45a are paid for orientation. 

Can I bring my own volunteer scorekeeper?


YES! ⥃⥂ If you are working a court other than the FIBA Division.

NO! ⥃⥂ The FIBA Div has (3) SK’s at the table. Guests are not allowed to sit w/SK’s. 

Referee On-Site FAQ's

Referee Orientation


  • Refs starting the first “AM” shift:  Meet @ Center Court Bleachers for orientation.

  • Refs starting all other shifts:         Meet @ Referee Central.

  • Game Bags/Scoresheets/T-Shirts: Will all be issued @the orientation or @the Referee Central Tent 

Referee Central


  • Located adjacent to Starbucks | Next to player registration

  • Return Game Bags, Scoresheets, Ref Payment 

Court Marshal's


  • Are event supervisors for designated courts areas.

  • Typically cover the same court areas the endive day. 

  • Connect with Court Marshal's for any questions or rules clarifications.

Complimentary:   Lunch | Water | Parking


  • $30 Daily Parking Fees are complimentary to officials.

  • Lunch & Water are complimentary to officials working a full day shift.

  • Menu options may or may not satisfy everyones diet restrictions. 

Payment Details


  • Officials are paid on their last day of working @$20 Per Hour.

  • Officials are paid “Per Hour” not “Per Game”.

  • Most courts have paid breaks unless special circumstances apply.

  • Total games worked are often confused with Start & End Times.